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Call Today: 813-600-9805

Residential Landscaping Services

Affordable and Professional Residential Lawn Care in Florida

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Enhance your home with our efficient residential landscaping services. Our skilled team designs and maintains beautiful, practical outdoor spaces tailored to your preferences. We offer lawn care, garden creation, and overall landscape management to improve your property's appeal and functionality. Contact us for a reliable solution to make your outdoor area an enjoyable part of your home.

What We Offer

Trust Sculpted Outdoor Services to revitalize your outdoor space with our expert residential landscaping services today!

Experience a perfectly manicured lawn with our precise grass mowing service, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance.

Enhance the beauty of your garden with our hedge and bush trimming services, shaping your greenery to perfection.

Define your property’s elegance with our edging services for curbs, driveways, walkways, and flowerbeds, creating clean, crisp lines.

Keep your patios, driveways, and walkways immaculate with our hard surface blowing service, removing leaves and debris efficiently.

Maintain a pristine lawn and garden with our targeted weed killer application, ensuring unwanted plants stay away.

Our debris clean-up service keeps your outdoor area neat and presentable, handling everything from fallen branches to general yard waste.

Get rid of autumn’s clutter with our leaf raking service, leaving your yard clean and ready for any season.

Keep your garden beds and lawn free from invasive weeds with our meticulous weed pulling service, enhancing plant health and aesthetics.

Residential Landscaping

Don't Wait to Have the Perfect Yard!

Call us now for expert residential landscaping and enjoy a stunning outdoor space tailored to your style.